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The Pastors Collective

Jul 16, 2019

Warning: This episode discusses topics related to human trafficking, sex and pornography.

On this episode of the Pastor’s Collective, Darrin Patrick talks to Billy Mills of Reverb Church in St. Augustine, FL about his addiction to sex and pornography and the redemptive power found in retelling his story. Billy talks about the painful work of repenting and rebuilding his life with his wife and the transformative power of the gospel to cleanse, restore and renew him.  You’ll hear a story about the pervasive effects of pornography and the great need for pastors to seek accountability to help safeguard their purity.  

Resources: Covenant Eyes

The Pastors Collective is a production of Narrativo.


Executive Produced by Greg Surratt and Darrin Patrick

Produced by Mike Cosper

Edited by Quinette Conner

Mixed by Mike Cosper

Music by Dan Phelps