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The Pastors Collective

Apr 20, 2021

David French began his career as a constitutional lawyer and spent almost two decades arguing for free speech and religious liberty in the highest courts in the land. He’s also a writer and journalist, writing about politics, religion, and evangelicalism. He writes as an insider, a lifelong evangelical Christian. His work appeared first at National Review and now his newsletters and podcast are available from The Dispatch. His most recent book is Divided We Fall, an exploration of polarization in America.


On this podcast, David joins Greg Surratt to talk about the place evangelicals find themselves today. What do we make of divided politics? What are the real challenges we face to religious liberty? Is there any hope for healing our national wounds?


Tune in for a rich conversation that gets past the fear-mongering hype of modern politics to look at what’s really going on, the reasons we have to hope, and how we might work towards a healthier future.


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This podcast is produced by Mike Cosper and Greg Surratt.

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Special thanks to David French for being our guest.