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The Pastors Collective

Apr 16, 2019

On this episode of The Pastors Collective, Darrin Patrick interviews Greg Surratt about his career in ministry. It’s a story that begins with some serious bumps in the road – including being fired from one job by his own father. But it eventually led him to find a sense of calling as a church planter, and led him to found Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a story full of hard-earned wisdom and profound grace, and it’s led Pastor Greg to a new sense of calling for the next season of his life: that of a spiritual father to pastors and church planters across the country.

The Pastors Collective is a production of Narrativo.


Executive Produced by Greg Surratt and Darrin Patrick

Produced and edited by Mike Cosper

Mixed by TJ Hester

Music by Dan Phelps