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The Pastors Collective

Jun 22, 2021

Jonathan Wiggins is back! On this episode of the podcast, he and Greg Surratt catch up on what’s happening with the Pastors Collective and The Retreat at Church Creek.

They also talk about Jonathan’s new book, Walking with Lions: How to Find True Courage and Enduring Strength Through God-Honoring Relationships, a book about the need for deep and intentional friendships. The reality is that leaders who try to lead alone… don’t lead for long. Jonathan talks about the need for both authenticity and attachment, and the need to be both deeply loved and deeply knowAs leaders, isolation is dangerous, but intimacy can feel scary too. Jonathan offers his own story as a pattern for how we can embrace friendships that can empower us for healthy lives and ministries that last.


The Pastors Collective is Executive Produced by Greg Surratt.

Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Cosper Productions.