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The Pastors Collective

May 18, 2021

Many pastors are wrestling with questions about women’s ordination. The question has pressed on minds even more urgently since Easter, when Saddleback Church ordained three women as pastors.

On today’s podcast, Greg Surratt sits down with Sharon Hodde Miller to talk about her own journey into ministry, particularly about discovering her teaching gifts and growing into openness about serving as a pastor. Sharon has an MDiv from Duke Divinity and a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where she studied issues of women and calling. She’s also the author of two books, Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You and Nice: Why We Love to Be Liked and How God Calls Us to More.

Sharon and Greg explore her story, how she embraced her calling as a preacher and teacher, and broader questions about women’s roles in ministry.

Produced by Greg Surratt and Mike Cosper

Edited and Mixed by Cosper Productions

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